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Saturday, April 12, 2014

One Job Leads To Another...Beginning Of An End, Start Of A New Beginning

It was a rainy, wet, dark night, once upon a time in paradise.?...It's been awhile but I am still alive and well, sorry for the delay but something got in the way, I think they call it a J.O.B. but don't tell nobody, it's about to end soon, April 15th, is the exact date, in which my workplace will no longer be, don't be afraid or cry walking to the bank to cash my last check in hand because I found another job while I was eating Prime rib at the Marathon Ale House. A guy came up to me and said he saw me working as the Statue of Liberty and liked what he saw apparently and asked what I was doing after April 15th and I replied that I was looking for another place to work. He told me that he was the owner/or was in charge of hiring and firing people at Keys Fisheries, which has a sign waver on U.S.1, he then asked me if I could pass a drug test and I shot back, "Yep, sure can!"(asking myself, a drug test for holding a sign?) He said, "You're hired!". I said, "Great, man, thanks so much!~!" ...I was dreading looking for another job and actually, eventually was going to go to Keys Fish anyway. So it worked out great! So I am probably going to take a week off (mini vacay) after the ax on April 15th then report for duty at Keys Fisheries in Marathon at the end of 35th Street and become a stone crab, lobster or a shrimp holding a sign once again. I guess I was meant to work and sleep in the street. Although the living in the streets is getting old, so I am going to look for a more stable roof over my head. On that note, I would like to thank my childhood friend in Marathon, Tracy Huntley for putting me up and putting up with me at her dog grooming business at 2250 Overseas Highway. She has the dog business in front and a 2 bedroom/1 bath in the back where Tracy and her daughter sleep while I sleep in the front on the floor like a watch dog. It's worked out great. I got my residentially challenged reduced fare D.O.T. bus I.D. for 5 bucks which is good for a year. I only pay 2 dollars as opposed to 4 dollars to take the Lower Keys shuttle if I feel like going to Key West for a change of scenery. So that is the latest and greatest news. See you on the streets somewhere. Thanks for the people laughing, waving and smiling as you pass me by it is well appreciated. For you mother fuckers flipping me off. You can take your jealous, miserable life :( with your finger _!_ and shove it up your ass. Get a FUCKING LIFE AND A JOB while you're at it. I ain't got time for your bullshit!!!.. Peace, Love and Happiness to all the beautiful people who "get" it! Hugs and Kisses..OXOX.. Signed your soon to be former Statue of Liberty and future stone crab, lobster, whatever I may be, see you on the corner of U.S.1 and 35th Street.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lost iPad, Gained Poem, Know Music, Know Life

In lieu of losing my 400 dollar, worth 600 hundred dollar iPad. I did acquire a 8GB iPod Nano for 40 bucks, as one door closes another one opens up. Here are some Spring Poems/Lyrics to a hit song, after all, all is not lost, I think, I still have my insanity, written the old fashioned way, with a pen on paper. 3-8-2014 I am in writing mode What else Can I say You ala mode Ice cream cones Don't listen to me Anyway When I find My mind I will let You know Simon told me That's the way It goes Until then I must Put you on hold Leave a message And I Probably won't call When I get home On a bus Headed down A dead end road Lost without a clue Looking to find Inspector Clueso To see just What I did Wrong Turn my life around Shift gears Like the wheels That fell off A long time ago Bus stop To Marathon Murphy wants This, that and the other thing With a side of Meats and cheese Take for granted What other people Don't have A need for greed Take everything I never had Wish they were here By your side But it's something You can't change No matter How much money You have in the bank You can't take something From somebody Who has Nothing to lose 3-9-2014 Looking Is one thing Staring Is A whole different Ball Game If I catch your ass Looking at me The wrong way You will have to compensate For the next step You take Let's get one thing straight I am not gay But I do Play One on T.V With H.I.V. Stricken With disease At ease Solider You can't change a thing A world Without music Is a world I must leave............................> Thank you very much..and good night!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Certified Homeless, with a job and no money

Well, I am officially certifiably homeless as the letter below testifies. I had to jump through a few hoops in order to get a reduced monthly bus pass to take the bus to Marathon to go to work I had heard through the coconut telegraph that we residentially challenged peoples could get a reduced fare for being homeless. A price difference of 75.00 versus 45.00. Since it is for working purposes, my boss fit the bill. My I.D. actually has K.O.T.S. address as my address which I thought would be proof enough to get the reduced fare. But again, I thought wrong. After all, I'm dealing with D.O.T., with a lot of red tape or I guess in this case, yellow caution tape. So I had 50 dollars cash in hand and my I.D. with the homeless shelter address imprinted on it. And the woman behind the counter informs me that I need a LETTER from the shelter to verify that I do indeed, stay at the shelter. I couldn't believe it! So I had to go to K.O.T.S. to speak with a case worker to obtain a letter certifying that I truly am staying at the lovely day care center for adults and idiots who can't afford to pay rent. I got the letter and went back to the D.O.T. and finally got the damn discounted bus pass for the Lower Keys shuttle. My other co worker/Staute of Liberty guy and I we're switching between going to Marathon or staying in Key West. It doesn't really mean a shit bit of difference to me. I spin the sign just the same whether I'm in Key Weird or my hometown of Marathon. But apparently, my other co hort in crime liked Marathon first then changed his mine as he does all the time and wanted to stay in Key West so now it looks like I will be traveling to Marathon everyday except for Sunday. I don't mind. I love traveling and a change of scenery. BTW, a little known interesting fact. The other Statue of Liberty, real name David Knight, his nickname Red, is the half brother of Larry Bird. I shit you not. He was raised in Indiana. He looks funnier than shit in the suit. He has long red hair and a full white beard. Talk about drawing attention. I must say, he looks better than me but I have better moves than him. Not to toot my own horn. I put a 110% in to my work listening and dancing like a fool to the radio or my iPad. I have a great time. I wear myself out but I have to admit it's fun..the people driving by on bikes or cars I think are more entertaining than I am. And a few are oblivious to their surroundings. ......For instance, one day in Marathon, I saw a car with an elderly lady driving slowly in the left fast lane with a Sheriff's deputy behind her with their pull over lights on. The lady stops in the left fast lane. Not going into the center lane to make a left turn. She's waiting for the traffic to clear so she can proceed to (I assume) make a left turn into the post office. Once the traffic was clear, the lady slowly starts turning and continues until she makes a complete U-turn and starts heading in the other direction, apparently, obviously oblivious to the fact that there is a cop behind her with flashing red and blue lights on. Un friggin believable. I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes!!!
O.K., on that note, I have to catch the bus to Marathon to go to work. On a pretty idiotic, pathetic, dumb ass note. I got paid 275.00 on Friday and by Monday, I had 1.03 to my name in my checking account. I have too many friends in low places. Sucks having a job with no money, but it's nobody's fault but my own. See ya on the streets. Peace.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Life saver on a bicycle. Vodka be damned!!

I wrote this poem/these lyrics after my new found friend Tom, found me in the worse way. I obviously didn't look too good for him to do what he did. I had drank unremembered amounts of Vodka the day before on Sunday with my friend Murphy at Bayview park in Key West. I had previously swore off Vodka and now I am swearing again that it will never happen again. I can't handle hard liquor anymore. I'm not 21 anymore, I'm 44 and feel like I'm 88 after drinking a lot of hard liquor, the morning after. Beer is good, liquor is BAD, for me anyway. When you feel like a Mack truck just ran over you the next day and you're puking your brains out, tired and feel like you're going to die from dehydration and you don't remember what you did the day before and you have cuts all over you. It's not very fun! So on Monday, I missed work but I did call in "sick" which I am still kicking myself in the ass for. Thank GOD my boss is understanding. So on Monday I slept all day, waking up every so often to get a drink of WATER! I had one dollar on me and decided to go to the Circle K and get a red Powerade Polar Pop for 85 cents. As I was slowly walking like a zombie to the store, a bicyclist rode passed me and stopped a few feet ahead of me. As I slowly passed by him looking down at the ground, I heard, "Here take this". I looked up and the bicyclist handed me a 10 dollar bill, Surprised I said, "Thank you very much, sir!" He then asked me my name and I replied, "George" No I didn't say George, you people are so gullible. I said, "Kevin" He said "My name is Tom" I said, "Thank you very much Tom, you're a life saver" I continued to zombie step to the Circle K, got my red Powerade, proceeded to gulp it down. As I was crossing the street to go back to the park to lie down some more. I puked up the whole red Powerade like Niagara Falls. It must of look like I was doing my Gene Simmons blood spitting impression. Which I was pretty good at as a kid but that was about 36 years ago without alcohol, just a Dixie cup with red food coloring. Anyway, I have to cut this short as I have to go to work.Yes, thank GOD, I still have a job!  Cheers with a BEER! 

Thank you Tom
You didn't have to stop
In my time of need
To give me ten bucks
I didn't have to pay

You saved my life
Peddling down the street
You gave me faith
There are angels
That I still believe 
In a man
Living lost
On a lonely street

I needed a different drink
To survive another day
Because of you
I still have a chance 
To make a change

I didn't have to say a thing 
For you to see my need
I will never forget
What you did for me

I will pay you back
When I get back
On my feet
It's just a matter of time
When I see you again
I will never forget
What you did for me
GOD bless you
And your family

You made me feel alive
When I thought I was
The walking dead
To get a step
On my feet again
For that 
I will never forget
For that simple act
You gave me
Strength again

A guardian angel
Looking down on me
From the depths
Of hell
Only I could see

Thank you Tom
For helping me
In my time of need
You didn't have to do
What you did
Your karma
Is guaranteed 
To come back 10 fold

I thank The Lord 
There is still
Somebody in this world
Just like you
To make everything
A beautiful place
No amount of money
Could replace
The saint I haven't met yet
Until That day
My life was saved

I know
You don't even
Know what you did
Your karma
Will comeback 
Without a blink

Angels seem to fade away
But there for you
Just when you need
To hang on a wing
To pick you up
When you fall down
Another day
To sing another praise

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Murphy is back in town/Tour work schedule

Murphy's back in Key West, all the way from Texas! Here is some video I shot when I first saw him again at Bayview Park.

I am waving the Liberty Tax sign in Key West and Marathon. The current "tour" schedule is as follows: (Subject to change, due to weather or a sudden change of my bosses mind and/or direction)

Wed - Jan 22nd - Key West - 1pm - 6pm (Corner of Kennedy & Roosevelt)

Thurs - Jan 23rd - Marathon -  2 p.m.ish - 6pm SHARP! (In front of the main post office across the street from Wendy's and yes you can buy me a Double with Cheese, NO TOMATO!)

Fri - PAYDAY, YAY - Jan 24th - Key West - Same Bat Time, Same Shit, Different Day corner)

Sat - Jan 25th - Marathon - 10 AM! - 2:30ish (Note, I eat pizza from Papa John's, next to the post office on Saturdays, with Pepperoni and Mushrooms.)

Sun - Day OFF (Beach day, if it isn't cold and/or raining)

I will leave you with my latest, piece of crap, poem,that I wrote when I was slightly inebriated on some type of alcohol and bored out of mine.

You only live once 
You might as well
Be first !!
Straight out of the box
Above all else
The finish line
Will always be there
Never too soon
Live up
To the lyrics
Stand up
And shout
Make your opinion
A dollar bill
Will not change
My will
My mind
I own
Free and clear
We blessed
We live above
The rest
Before we rest in peace

Without a prediction
Crystal ball
Without direction
I wish I knew
The day I face death

But I love surprises
Like a Christmas Day 
Never know
What Santa Claus
Gives or
Frost bit feets fixed
Murphy is back to stay
All the way from Texas
He says
He's got something to say
As I leave him

Naughty or nice
Ok in the mirror 
To see
Where you have been before
Your Karma
Comes back to you
I told you the truth
But you didn't 
Want to listen
What else can I do
Silly rabbit
Tricks are for kids
Vagina is
For Men's 
Keep me warm
On a cold night
Murphy's back
Back for the attack
You better watch out
The show is about
Ready to start
Wait for the
Finish line
To see
Where you end up
I told you the truth
From the get go
You must face
The facts
I told you so
Not my fault
It's all your own

Answer the question
Without answers
Lost in the woods
Leave me alone
Like you never 
Seen me
Who am I
Who do U think
U are

Let me guess
Better than me
A better
Piece of bubble gum
Stuck to the bottom
Of my shoe
Solve the crime 
I can only hope
I see you crying
At the funeral

The end comes soon
The last minute
You thought you had
Another breath to intake 

The Police or Sting
Can't save you now 
You should of
Thought about that
You ran your
Diaherra mouth
Runnin down a leg
Kick you in the ass
To comeback again

Don't blame me
Point a finger
At the one
Who looks
Into the mirror
The reflection
Call the kettle black
I know you do
Nothing wrong

Blame me
For your faults
As I fall off
The cliff
Without you
Catching me
I thought
We were best friends
I heard
Nothing could stand
In our way
Talk is cheap
I thought the words
Meant something
But I found out
Something else

I was lost before
I didn't have anything 
Before I met you
Just another day
I don't miss
Something I
Never had

Boo Hoo
My bank account
Is closed
Drain my soul
For every drop
You can get
Not enough
To get back home

I haven't seen it
I was 13 or 15 years old
You didn't think about me
When I was crying alone
I thought I had a friend
I thought, thought wrong
Wishful thinking
Macho man
Sing alone

Where were you
When I needed you?
I didn't think
I did anything wrong

Burn me at the stakes
Crucify me like
Jesus Christ
Save your soul
From your mistakes
That you
Have already made

Talk to me
When we get to Heaven
It might not be tomorrow
But the clock is ticking
I wish I could
Predict the future

All I can do is
Live and breathe
Every second
I am awake today

Thank God
Every breath I take
Without Him
I would be gasping
For air

A gift
I get everyday
I thank Him
For his generosity
Just another day
To live again
To show my glory
Kneel down and pray
And thank The Lord! 
Another present
Under the tree
In January
I question myself
How lucky I am?

Without Him
I am nothing else
He means everything to me
Nobody stands above
He is the only one
That makes my life complete
Without Him
I am nothing else
I thank Him
For everyday
I am alive
On Earth
Without Him
I am nothing else
He's the beginning
And the end
Of every story
I ever wrote
Praise The Lord 
He gives me the words
To speak
I thank Him
Every night I
Go to sleep
I can stand
Without a penny
In my pocket
But with Him
I'm a rich man
Beyond belief
Wake up
A materialistic dream
I have everything
Whatever I wish for
I already have
Just have to
Dig a little deeper
Listen to your heart
All the answers
Are within
Your sleep
Dig deep
Reach for your soul 
He is here
For me and you
Catch a teardrop
Everything is gonna be alright
Just like Marley said
No woman, No cry 

His soul
Still rings true
After all the years
I see the sight
He envisioned
Start a revolution
Unknown solider
Fight the war
Never won
We will not Stop!
Until we right the wrongs
Never give up
Until death becomes

We are stronger
They are

Follow the footsteps
Of our forefathers 
See the light
To show which way
To go in the dark

Never make
The same mistake twice
Learn from what
Has been done before

WOW!! You get an A+ for reading this thing until the end. Have a happy, safe and fun weekend!! OXOX

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Solving the homeless problem, one bum at a time. Full of Sh..elter

I woke up on the beach this morning. (and I am currently writing this thing you are reading at the beach on the iPad I bought, isn't technology great?!) .. I slept there last night because once again, K.O.T.S. was filled to capacity by 7:30 p.m. and didn't have a "bed" available. To add insult to injury, I found someone sleeping in my "secret sleeping spot!" Now this shit is getting ridiculous! I guess my spot ain't so secret after all. Although, one other person does know about it because he's the one who actually told me about it. I couldn't tell if it was him or not because they were covered in a blanket and I didn't really want to confront the subject, so I moved on. (Late breaking news..I talked to the person who I thought and hoped it was and it was him, thank God, we're still good!!)....I proceeded to the park and called K.O.T.S. at 8:30 p.m. to confirm that they were indeed full and George the monitor, confirmed my assumption. It's been rainy and cold in Key West since the day I came back from Marathon. So I needed to find a place to sleep with a "roof" over my head and came up with the beach because they have little huts with just that, a roof to keep me dry. From what the monitors at K.O.T.S. have told me in the past, if the shelter is filled to capacity, the cops won't hassle you on the street. I find that hard to believe but then what else can I do if can't get into the shelter. I have to find someplace on the street because I don't have anywhere else to go. I guess that's why they call me mellow yellow, uh, no dumb asses, that's why they call me, HOMELESS !! So I move on to da beach. For the record, financially, I am broke. I have one cigarette left, NO beer (I haven't drank in over 3 days, good for my liver, bad for my stress) and my unemployment compensation ended BUT I do have a job that I worked my first day yesterday. But of course, I have to wait 2 weeks for a paycheck and I do have food stamps. So I'm not starving. Things could be worse. I can go without drinking, at least for a few days, I don't really have a problem with that, but me without cigarettes is not a good idea and a pain in my ass, I might add. (I know, I know, I can hear you and my brother screaming through the computer screen, "Then why don't you just quit!" And then I say, "Easier said than done!" O.K. Enough lecture, let's get to the point at hand, what was that point again? Oh yeah, I am about to solve the homeless problem and then next week we're gonna tackle world hunger. That's what I'm here for folks! What, you thought I was here to just take up air and space, I'm NOT an astronaut! ...But my Facebook friend, Boyd is a physicist and a homeless one at that, how bout that? And I can't forget my brother who is not only a cancer doctor but a Professor of Oncology who I love so much and am very proud of!! He is not homeless though, he has a house in Cailfornia. And I am a...a.,.what am I? Oh forget about me, let's move on, shall we?

So Key West is bitchin' about the homeless, I would assume that it's people who have a roof over their head and who pay taxes. I call them home mores or "homos" for short. As oppose to me being homeless. Get it?, got it? Good! There will be a test next Friday, make sure you study! Anyway, they are trying to build a new 24 hour shelter for the homeless in Key West because the city is under fire and a lawsuit for building the current K.O.T.S. in a rush without proper permits. They are being sued by the Sunset Marina condo association because they don't want to live that close to a homeless shelter or homeless people. Never mind the fact that the Sunset condo homos bought their beautiful condo right next to a former dump called Mount Trashmore. Who can blame the hormonal homeowners? Who in their right mind would want to live next to a bunch of lazy, drunk bums? Hence, the first and major problem Key West is facing. Where can you put a shelter where everybody will be happy and not "annoyed" by local vagrants roaming the streets pissing, defecating and throwing beer cans in the street? Answer: Nowhere. The only answer, which is not practical, is on a deserted island away from the tax paying homos. Anywhere else, you can bet some well off innocent citizen will pitch a bitch. As I understand it though, I am not an attorney but I play one on T.V., Federal law has a mandate that a city or county must provide shelter to the homeless within 50 miles of a city limit or something like that. I could be wrong but that's what I have heard. Also on the flip side, if you DON'T build a shelter, guess where the homeless are going to be? The WRONG answer would be that they will just go away. NOT!! In your wildest, wishful thinking dreams. No, the correct answer is they will be everywhere, maybe even on the front porch of the homos or the backyard, in front of stores, nobody really knows. But at least with some kind of shelter, you have some kind of control of the madness. And no, throwing them in jail just cost the hard working tax paying dollars of the up standing citizens. Your hard working tax dollars pays for the homeless medical expenses not to mention food, air conditioned dorms in the jail, labor for county employee workers to babysit these no good for nothing hoodlums. The Sheriff, Rick Ramsay, (a Marathon High alumni, I might add) has already complained about the very thing I just explained. So what do you do? Ooh, ooh, ooh, I know, just SHOOT THE NO GOOD FOR NOTHIN' MOTHERFUCKERS!!! You homos think you got it bad because you have to, god forbid, look at them on the street or you might get panhandled by some of them but I have to deal with them face to face on a daily basis, if not at the library, at K.O.T.S., or the soup kitchen. I personally can't stand MOST of them there homeless. They are not all bad, but most of them ain't worth a shit. No job, some get a crazy and/or a crippled check,(I know the word "crippled" is pollitically incorrect but then again so is my life, so F*%^ off!) They sit on their ass getting drunk while I go to work sober and penniless or writing this blog so the world can see my world, which of course I don't mind doing that's why I do this, I love writing on a wall to express my thoughts. It's seems to be a form of therapy and of course, I like to put my 2 cents in, especially when I see ignorance. That's why I sound a little bitter sometimes, not because I too am homeless, but I read about homos bitchin' and moanin' about the homeless, when they can go to their house, lock the door, have a beer,(without being arrested), turn on the T.V. and tune the world out. Why are normal, hard working, tax paying people worried about the homeless? (btw, homeless people pay taxes too. Maybe not property taxes but for beer, cigarettes and yes even hotel taxes when some get their check, they get a hotel for a weekend) Some of these mofo homeless motherfuckers get a BIG check! That's why they're lazy and shows just how crazy they are! Speaking of which, Key West needs to build a fuckin' insane asylum for some, seriously!! They're Jamaican me crazy!!! 
How bout this question? If you were homeless, would you want to be homeless in a snowy and cold climate or would you like to be homeless in "paradise"? I know, it's a tough question. But some people wonder why the homeless population is growing in Key West, at least, in the winter time season. Why do homos buy houses down here? A duh! I've seen snow twice in my life and it was 2 too many times. It looks and feels a lot better on T.V. .....This concludes today's poeticdrummer blog broadcast. I have to go to work as the Statue of Liberty now and save the world....Remember to look both ways for bums before you cross the road. I heard they sleep in the streets.......he he ha ha ta ta!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Here's my latest, and of course, greatest input to society as well as my thoughts. You're as good as your last record, so I guess, I'm good....Hold on, wait a minute,.....Is there a time limit?

Deep in the woods
Think about where my life has gone
Over a beer and a few friends
Wonder where
My life just went

I have a job 
That I haven't started yet
The anticipation awaits then the world will know
My good fortune and fame

Good luck to you
Is all I have to say
Thank you
For another blessed  day

Step in your own shit
Arrest your ass
For breaking the law

Blame everybody
For your fault
As you pretend
It's not your own

As you sit in jail
You still feel
Act like
You did nothing wrong
Dig yourself deeper 
Into a hole

Don't blame me
If you get too deep
Are all you have 
Answers are all you seek

Find the
Power of the pen
You wish you had said
Found behind
The last back page

Lost without the friends
You thought
You once had
As you observe and deserve the flames
Of the burning bridge

Sorry for the good karma you lost
I can't believe
You didn't think
You had to pay the cost 

It's a bitch
Just like
My future ex wife
The basic fundaments
And elements
Never change
In life

I tried to show you the way
But then again
You wouldn't listen
A story book
Filled with fiction
Now you face 
A felony conviction
End of story
I wish I could say
That I am sorry
And hope
You have
A better ending
But it's too late
The pages
Have already 
Been written


On that note,
I will be returning to work (Imagine that, what is that?) on Tuesday, playing my part, as the Statue of Liberty. I spoke to my boss, John, (great guy, BTW) yesterday and found out that he opened another Liberty Tax office in Marathon. I found a new, former drag queen, gay friend, who loves to dance, Bob, in Marathon, that needs a job and hooked him up with employment as a Statue of Liberty representative. So remember, I'm the straight as an arrow one, he's the gay one, not that it matters, but I must set the record straight, to keep the record straight! I don't know if I intended a pun or knot. (Hang me by a noose) ..Anyway, I know, I will be "waving a sign", doing double duty, between Key West and my hometown of Marathon. It seems like, it will feels like, I am on a 50 mile here or there in between tour! Pretty cool!
Rock on...see you on a street corner near you. That's if, you come close to the corner of Kennedy and Roosevelt in Key West or somewhere by the post office in Marathon. As you should already know, I LOVE YOU ALL!!! God bless and peace out................;) It's time to ROCK N' ROLL....OOOH OOH OOH OHH....Reminds me of a Led Zeppelin song! If you can guess the correct, right answer, I'll give you a hundred bucks!!....My lawyers have informed me that I should put a disclaimer in so I don't actually have to pay you lousy mother fu!ckers a Benjamin bill.  He he, ho hoe and a bottle of rum to goooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Back in Key West, waiting for the rain to stop so I can go back to work again..meanwhile

I just peddled from Big Pine Key to Key West on the bike I bought in Marathon. I was planning, dreadfully, on spending the night at K.O.T.S. I usually wait until 7:30 to go in, to let the line go down from the start time of 6:30. If Led Zeppelin or the Eagles were playing a show, I might wait with aggravation in line. But I'll be damn to wait in line with a bunch of other drunk ass idiots to enter a homeless shelter. So I sat in front of the Hyatt hotel, in a grassy field, listening to my music and writing words in my notebook. Then all of a sudden, the sprinkler system comes on, spraying water on me directly into my face and onto my notebook. I was pissed, to say the least. I get up and take off towards K.O.T.S, reluctantly. I get to the entrance around 7:40 to find the gate shut with a sign that reads, "Closed". With a sigh of relief, I thank God and peddle my bike to my go to "secret spot" that the police have never been to, at least, not when I ever slept there. I really didn't want to deal with the drama bullshit anyway. After a few beers, I go to sleep without alarm or a worry of cops. I woke up about 4 hours later at 3:00 o'clock in the morning before sunrise, of course. I needed a cigarette and I still had a couple of beers left. So I sparked a cigarette, cracked a beer and turned on my iPad and put on the "History of the Eagles" that I downloaded (yes, I paid for it!) from iTunes in Marathon. I watched both parts, 1 & 2, (no, I didn't take a piss or give a shit, actually I DID take a piss, TMI, I know, haha)....Anyway, I love the documentary and it's great inspiration, so much so, I decided to write a song.

The first song/poem I wrote sitting in front of the Hyatt just before I and the sprinklers went off. The second is after I watched the Eagles. I'm sure you will see the references. If not, you need to go back to reading song lyrics and poem school and get a life while you're at it, you friggin' idiots!!...;) Here we go.....drum roll, please....thank you


Surrounded by idiots
I can't escape
And you wonder why
I go crazy
I try to hold onto my brain
They try to take away
Over my insane body
Dead in the grave

They must not be thinking
I told them the answers
But they failed the test
With more stupid questions

I am at a loss
For words 
I'm convinced
You can't teach
An old idiot
New tricks
I'm a dumb ass too
I should know

Look down on me
Like you wish you could be
Like you know something
I don't
Your ideas don't work for me
Not my fault
They told you wrong

Blame yourself
You have nowhere else to go
Take a look in the mirror
That you already broke
I have bad luck too
You're nothing special
I'm in the same boat
Just a little different
With my own thoughts
With words I put on paper
I still have dreams you lost
A long time ago
You rather steal something
That doesn't  belong to you

Hard to handle the truth
When it constantly reminds you
You have to copy somebody else
You try to redeem yourself

You try
To put water on my fire
But the truth comes out
You can't even hold
A flame to a candle

I would love to say 
I feel sorry for you
But I don't
Such a shame
I won't even put pity on you
You just get in my way

1/4/2014. 6:04 in the morning after the Eagles reunion and recovery show.

Sleep on the porch
Escape the rain
Before the to kill ya sunrise
See the eagles soar
To greater heights
Wake up to see
The morning light

Back on the road
Without a wink
Wonder how music
Has got me this far

Right or wrong
Shows me
Which way to go
My life
My love
My religious experience 
My pure existence 

God will take me
When my work is done
But I am not quite finished
I still have
A long way to go
Seems like such
A short distance
On a beautiful
Dark and lonely road

Searching to find
My lost soul

This picture was taken on the "hump" of the 7 mile bridge while I peddled across on my way to Key 

Friday, January 3, 2014



Look down on me
Like a fallen star
Who the fuck
Do you think you are
I smell the stench 
Your ship
Is about to sink
From all the bullshit
You keep
Trying to feed me

I'm full
Give me what I need
Give me all the lies
Make me feel better
To look at
Your miserable life
Send me another
Love letter

So we can move on
You broke my heart in two
Now we are both alone 

Point the finger
At who's to blame
Sorry honey 
I just don't feel
The same way

Start another argument 
To augment our relationship
Your position
I promise to cum
On your back
If you show
Your beaver clam

Don't bite
My feelings hurt easily
You already devastated my life
Til death do us part
My life ended
When I asked you
To be my wife

Now I can see the rain
On a cloudy day
Blinded by your light
That flickers in the middle of the night
When I close my eyes
I wish I could wake up surprised

Toss and turn
While the nightmare returns
Scared out of my mind

Just when I thought
I was bad off
I see somebody else better off
Appreciate every gift I get everyday 

When I see the mess
I feel the need
To take the garbage out
Feed the cat
Walk the dog
Do the dishes
Clean the fishes
Jump up and down
Until you say stop

Simon says
Ain't gots shit on you

I guess I'm a sucker for punishment
I ask myself
How I got into this predicament

File for insanity
Before the bitch
Files for divorce
And we end up in court
Close the bank account
Before she takes all my money
Then wait for my life to go down the drain 

Broker than the joker 
Hopped up on happy pills

Rob a bank
To make up for
All the money
The bitch done spent

Make up for
Wake up today
Forget about the problems of yesterday 
For Christ's' sake
There's got to be a better way

I wish I had all the answers
All I have left
Is my life in question

Spin my wheels
To get back 
On track 
Stay In between 
The lines
I wish I could read

Blinded by the bright light
Could this be the end
From the day
I was born
Dear Lord
I've done my time
Let me go
It's time
To move on

Give me a push or a shove
Give me a sign
Take me away
To a far away place
Where I can escape the pain
From here to eternity
Let me rest in peace
Sleep next to my family
I promise to be good 

Anything else
You're pushing your luck
I know you wouldn't ask for too much
Thank you Lord
Cause I don't have
Much luck

I lose the lottery
Every time I play
I never had a chance in Hell

Wishful thinking
Hopefully dreaming
Just a chance to get out alive
From the mundane world
I look and find

Went to a psychic 
To get
The winning numbers
I lost every time 
Like playing Russian roulette
With a paradise
By my side
How can I believe

Now I want to be
A meteorologist 
I think I can predict
A 20 percent
Chance of rain

I just need to find out
The difference between
Mostly sunny and
Partly cloudy means

Then all I need
Is a T.V. screen
Smile with a gleam
In the eye
Of the storm
I can see coming
A million miles away

Run for shelter
Before my house floats away
Safe from you fools
Floating on the farm

Laugh like a pig in shit
Above water
Sitting on a stack
Of beef ribs

That's all I got
Now I have to run to the bank
See you later, goodbye
You ain't seen the best of me yet!!!!!
I can't wait, ....Bye-Bye ;) Have a great 2014!

Love you, Have fun OXOX Rock On!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

End of Christmas/New Poem/New Year/Another beginning

I got my 32GB iPad 4 with Retina display yesterday and I must say, it's better than any slice of bread known to man. I am on top of the world. It was a long arduous wait but it was worth every minute! I am alive again with a feeling I have my power back with my music and HD videos. I am a powerful man once again. I am waiting for Crazy Larry to show up at the library as I download the documentary "History of the Eagles" which of course, I can't wait to see. The damn thing is 3 hours long and 9 GBs, glad I got the 32 GB iPad that doesn't expand but I know from experience it's better than any android for any price. Apple has the BEST products..PERIOD!..and I am not selling anything or being paid to say that...I created a new YouTube channel entitled "CrazyLarryShow" which should be a hoot! Rumor has it that he used to be a college professor. He denies the charges but he's a smart as f!ck homeless Jew from New York that has lived in my hometown of Marathon for years. Very entertaining without even trying. All the local cops know him and he is friends with Bill Bravo, a DJ at WEOW 92.7 radio station in Key West. He loves his Vodka and we have a intelligent great time. He doesn't pull any punches and doesn't take shit from no other bums! He is a true, penny pinching Jew from New York! Larry is a local "celebrity" that I wish to share with the world. So hold on to your ass and grab some popcorn. Without seeing or filming yet, I know in my heart of hearts, this will be a great show if not, The Greatest Show On Earth, P.T. Barnum ain't got shit on us!!

Enough blah shit ,
I called my one and only brother on Christmas, the only family member I have left on this planet. It was great to hear his voice on the other end of the phone from California.  I told him about my blog, I haven't talk to him awhile. Typing this on my iPad is a pain in the ass!! With that in mind, let me try and type my latest poems. It's random thoughts of my current situation. I am currently "watching/walking" 2 huskies named, Thor and Shadow. I sleep with them in the "dog house". To keep my keep plus 50 bucks at Tracy's Pet Grooming business. I rather do something than nothing. I will be going back to Key West by the 1st to work my seasonal job at Liberty Tax as the Statue of Liberty. It's dirty job but somebody's gots to do it. Without further to do, here are my latest thoughts. They're not much, but they are the first thing that came to mind at the time.


Leave you in the dust
As you breathe your last breath
I will comfort you until your final death
Mourn the lost
Cry everyday
Because you're gone
Never to return

I feel the pain
Every minute of the day
The reason
I kneel down and pray

You gave me life
Then took my heart away
Left alone
With my lost soul

Words cannot explain
The pain I endure
Since the day you left

Teardrops on the page
I try to move on
Until my dying day

Give me strength
Give me hope
I thank God
You are in a better place

No matter how far you go
I want you to know
I still love you so

Written for Nancy Jane Jordan Berry Sanders MacDonald
The greatest Mother to live on Earth!

In God we trust
In God we pray

Without God
We pay the cost
Without God
I have no words
Thank you Lord
For my thoughts

Happy Birthday Jesus, thank you for your sacrifice!!

Sent from my iPad