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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cops, Rain and Mosquitoes...Which way is UP^

It's hard to escape the cops, rain and mosquitoes when you're sleeping in the woods. All you can do is prepare yourself. As far as the rain is concerned, I bought a 60" umbrella for 5 bucks at Home Depot, which I just recently got discovered behind by the cops and issued a trespassing warning, never to return.(why couldn't the record company find me as easily as when I was trying to make it in the music business, then I wouldn't be in predicament, anyway) I bought some Deep Woods Off. Mosquitoes, in check. I couldn't find the cop repellent though, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Now for the cops. All I can say is that the Monroe County Sheriff's deputies are a lot cooler than the Key West Pathetic Department..I mean Police, oops....  Let me digress and say, I have moved on to better and greener pastures. In which, I will not divulge details, as I did with my last "secret" hiding spot as the cops found me by accident, through a jinx, I think? If  I would of went deeper into the woods, they would have never found me. But because I was lazy and didn't want to go the distance, I fell short.  I wasn't even sleeping at the time. I was sitting up listening to Neil Young when I saw the white flashlight coming towards me without anywhere to run. The police officer stopped exactly where I was and told me to move on. As I was leaving, the officer shouted, " Hey Sanders", I turned and he asked if  I was the Statue Of  Liberty. I replied, "No, but I play one on T.V."

  Speaking of which, I am currently working at Liberty Tax as the dancing fool, raising eyebrows on the street corner, dressed in a dress and crown, spinning around in two different towns. I am performing Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in Key West between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. and my hometown of Marathon, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I take the bus to Key West with a certified homeless discount of 2 bucks which takes an hour and a half to get to my destination, whereas, if I drove a car, it would only take an hour. But my license is suspended from some bullshit frivolous lawsuit filed by some asshole attorney in Ft. Lauderdale named Gary Kornfiled. (If you see him, shoot him and I'll pay YOU 5,000 dollars, instead of this full of bullshit frivolous asshole) when I got in a "fender bender" without an ambulance or injuries at the time.About five years later, I found out he filed a bodily injury lawsuit for 5,000 dollars and that he could suspend my license until I paid the judgement. Otherwise, I would buy a van and live in it, like I did in L.A. for 3 years when I worked at Tower Records on Sunset. Needless to say, I don't have 5,000 dollars, which I think the bill is up to 10,000 dollars now with interest. So I let my feet do the walking and keep on dancing. Hurry though, the party ends April 15th!!! Don't forget to pay your taxes!!! I have since gotten job offers for other sign waving jobs in Marathon.One possibility is a sign waving shark at Aquarium Encounters. Which goes to show, at least to me that, I don't care if you're slinging shit for a living, sling the shit the best way you can and become the best shit slinger the world has ever seen and then maybe you might move on to bigger and better things. Don't half ass things in a lazy way. You only get in life what you put into it. Do your best and fuck the rest. You only have ONE life to live without a second chance!!!

  A little about what I observe while spinning around drawing attention for the business, which BTW, I HATE drawing attention. I like to go unnoticed.Which is a weird dichotomy to my unchosen profession. I don't like people staring at me. But they do in my shocking Statue Of Liberty suit. Which I think is no big deal but to other people, I see a different reaction. Some people smile and wave or even laugh, which I think is great. And then there are other people, especially in Key West, that have have a scowl on their face shaking their head, which I don't understand that they don't understand. I had one guy ask me with a disgust question, "Man, how much do they pay you to do that?" I said. "Too much!"  I have never seen so many miserable people living in "paradise". It's unbelievable!! I don't get, that they don't get it. They probably have a roof over their head and obviously have a car or are using somebody else's car and here I am trying to work, living in the streets, trying to keep away from the cops, rain and mosquitoes, happy as I can be. I know you can't buy happiness but damn it, be thankful for what you have!! It could be worse but it seems their narrow minds only see a fool, dressed up in a Statue Of  Liberty suit, dancing around like a clown, and they look like, from my point of view, that they want to pull their hair out. I don't need much. I am happy with my iPad, my music and bus pass. Like I have heard in the past. I rather be poor and happy than rich and sad. Now with that said, that doesn't mean everybody who has money is sad. There's ALWAYS an asshole in every class of society. Be it a homeless bum or a bazillionaire. Doesn't matter. All I know for sure is, personally speaking, music saves my life everyday. Without music, you might as well shoot me in the head and get it over with. Speaking of which, I need to end my timed session at the library and go to work. I had to use the public computers to write this little story because my  iPad has a cracked screen after I did a spin as the Statue of Liberty and it flew out of my side holster. Thank God it still plays MUSIC. It's going to cost me 150 dollars to fix but worth every penny. Anyway, to da loo, skip to my lou, I have more work to do. And another thing, as Nicko McBrain would say,(For you idiots, Mr. McBrain is the bad ass drummer for Iron Maiden).......remember kids,....Don't worry about what I'm doing, worry about what the fuck YOU are doing!!! { :)-------------------------------------------------------------------------Gene Simmons
Hugs and KISSes!!
Signing off,
Dr. Love

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Current situation and past writings

Long time no see. I am currently dancing in the streets as the Statue Of Liberty in the number one dance, drama T.V. show in the cities of Marathon and Key West. I used to live at Tracy's Pet Service in Marathon until the rent and drama went up. Now I am back in the woods, streets, mangroves, whatever the hell you wish to call it. Funny enough, my new home is next to the Home Depot inbetween the American Legion, a place I practically grew up in as a kid. I really don't mind sleeping outside. There are only 3 things I wish would go away. Cops, mosquitoes and rain. It's a bitch to wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning with a sudden downpour of rain, even though I probably do need a shower, it sucks waking up to raindrops. But I have come prepared. I bought a 5 dollar 60" umbrella that I purchased at, guess where?, at HOME DEPOT!!! Who says I don't pay taxes? The cops have yet to approach me at my unhumble abode without a roof, T.G., that means thank God, for you ignorant M.F's, which means MotherFuckers. Damn, do I have to spell everything out as I try to write short hand! I'm trying to save time and keystrokes. But like I always say, life is simple, people make it difficult, anywho, where was I?....Oh yeah, explaining life sleeping outside, the relentless mosquitoes are, well, relentless and determined to suck your blood like Dracula. No matter what time of day of night but especially after the rain that just woke you up and now you can't go back to sleep. Now you, M.F's (see above for definition) know why I drink. I was sleeping at the public defenders' office in Key West for about 6 months without interaction with cops until the other night when a nice lady cop ran my I.D. and took my picture and told me to leave. So that secret spot is secret no more. She said she patrols it 3 or 4 times a night. So now I am currently working as the Statue of Liberty in Key West because my fellow co-worker in the same crown and gown as for his paycheck early and my nice boss gave it him with a warning. If he went up to Marathon and didn't show up the next day, he would be fired. Apparently, not heeding the warning, he did just that and subsequently was fired the next day. So my boss wanted me to fill in Key West for 2 weeks until he found somebody else. So I have to commute an hour and a half on the bus from Marathon to Key West. Which is fine with me, I love traveling, although I rather see a different road. I get a discount on the 4 dollar fare to 2 dollars because I am homeless, uh, residentially challenged, to speak politically correct but I don't follow politics. It's actually not as bad as one would perceive. As long as you can escape the above mentioned nuisances....O.K., I am tired of typing on my only day off. Of course, I have much more to say and explain but I just don't have the time today....until then enjoy my latest thoughts put into a poem, I call lyrics to a song....P.S. Thank you Lord for all the blessings you have given me and to the music that keeps me alive everyday...I Love You...until my dying day!!! XO

Underneath the pine trees
Is the place I sleep 
Under the stars
They keep me warm
From the winter breeze

Shelter me
From the sun
Guide me back
To a brighter day

The best thing
You could not see
Through your materialistic eyes
The best part is
It's all for free

It brings tears to my eyes
You  can't see
The beauty before me
In a hurry
To make money

As I think it
Isn't everything
You miss the point
In life
You only live once
Too late 
To start over again

Enjoy and hold on to 
What you once had
Never to return

Escape the cop chase
At the wrong place and time
In between 
The donut shop
And coffee break
To live free for another day

Trying to live my life
Free of charge

Hang on
To my mind
I own
Free and clear
With a couple of beers
A 20% chance of showers

Wait for the thunderstorm to happen
The hurricane is coming 
Without a word 
Or warning
Brace yourself 
For the magic to appear
Before your eyes 
Beyond disbelief 

Call me David Copperfield for short 

Not my fault
Things didn't work out
The way I thought
All I can say
Is that I tried
To live a dream
Apparently not meant to be

So sad to see
I hate to say
You wish you were me
Do what I can
Before I get
To Heaven
To see my family
Once again
Left me alone
Too soon
I know they love me
Looking down
From up

I will keep 
Moving on
Trying to do 
The best I can
Make my family proud
With what I have left
Hide behind memories
Left behind
Good times

But the stars still
Shine bright
Undercover me
Into a peaceful night

I love my brother
From a different father
But we share
The same mother
Who left too soon
From pancreatic cancer

 He is a cancer doctor today
That took years
I couldn't believe
He was still in his
After the day I 
Graduated high school

He believed 
In all my dreams
Opened minded
Accepted the thought
I wanted to be a rockstar

He supported me
More times than once

Gave me a chance
To see California
When I didn't have
A dime to pay
To realize my dream

Every Time
I wanted to
Go for the impossible dream

He did his homework 
And became
A Professor of oncology 

I look up to him
Almost more than God

As I sleep in the streets alone
If you don't know now
I am the black sheep
Of the family
But brother still keeps
A special place 
In my heart

Like our mother
Told me once 
I love him
More than life

Said goodbye
Many more times
Once before
I pray for my friends
And family
I can never see again
Until I reach 
The heavens above

Thank you Lord 
For the words
I could never make up
Without you

Reflecting on past mistakes
I should of stayed in school
But my stubborn head
Thought I had a chance
To make it

I tried 
With my brother
By my side
The only family member
I have left

If he goes away
Before I say goodbye

That would be
The end of my life

Die by the gun
Just like
My father done

Never to return

A promise
Never to break
Silence me
Underneath the grave

We all die one day
I say
And dream 
For a family reunion
One day 

Don't mine me
Just writing a song
At a bus stop 
That won't stop

The only shelter I got
When it rains 
I think better
On the toilet
At McDonald's
Until they catch me

So known
They call me
The hamburg alar
On the phone
Without an answer

Thank the Lord
They have
3 more hours
Before they close

Have a chance 
To find the mind
Of crazy Larry

Let loose from
The jailhouse
A couple a days
It's a mystery
You never know

What you might find
Your guess
Is as good
As mine

I live alone
In the woods
Call me up
I answer my phone
Every once in awhile

They will only keep me down
For a little bit
Then I will rise
To see another sunrise
And move on
To a better life
They cannot predict

The future I hold
In my hands

They can say
What they may
But I will prove them wrong
To their dismay

They wrote me off
But I am still writing
My book
So they can see
Where my life went
The story already
Written in stone
Yet to be told
But in time
They will know
The tough road
I went down

But God gave me the strength
To move on
Couldn't handle
Not to toot
My own horn
But this is
The life I live

Take it or
Leave it
I never will
The day I die
I have to live
The life my parents
Gave me
Take it as a gift
Before I am on my way
To Heaven

Have to go through Hell
Before you reach 
The promise land
Filled with broken dreams
Wake up to nightmares
To see
The reason
Why you are here

There is a meaning
For taking space
Still searching 
But I believe
I will find out soon
When the time is right
Not a minute before

Give it to
The hands of God
He is the one
To give
And take away
Just a test
To see
If you can pass
Without pity
All you have to do
Is try
Your best
He will fill
In the blanks
And do
The rest

Hang on
Without a noose
Around your neck
He will take you
When He's ready
Only He knows
When the time is right

Not in control 
You never know
Faith and belief
In Him
Is all you need
In this world

I don't need to go 
To church
To hear His word

I live in the woods
That's alright
It's just
The cops, rain and the mosquitoes
That bug me
In the middle
Of a good nights' sleep
That wake me up
From a dream
I thought I had
To keep

Looking for a break
In the middle
Of the road
To make it through
The other side 
To see my escape

Just trying
To make it to a better day
Than the one before

Forget the nightmares
That haunt me
Every waking moment

Run away
As quickly
As possible

Before they
Catch the dream
I thought
I had
In the grasp
Of my hand

Run as fast as I can
The other people
That don't believe

Scare me away
My belief 
That I know is true

Never let go
Until they
Take me away

Put me under 6 feet
In the grave
Kicking until
My dying day

I know you
Only live once
Without a consideration
Of reincarnation
Far fetched
To me
As a female
Bicycle seat
Or a bird
With wings
Up and down
On a trampoline
Without gasoline

Don't worry about me
You have your life to live
Your own problems
To deal with

I only have solutions
That fall upon
Deaf ears
Never to be discovered
They can't handle
The truth

But what do I know
They already
Know it all
Just a waste 
Of breath and time
Sit alone
By myself

But I do
Still believe
In a God
Always by my side

One chance
Is all you have
To live
At least
That's what
They tell me

I've seen
First hand
Proof of it
Can't tell me

Just another human
Living on the streets 
By my way
Of thinking
Just another animal
Living in the concrete jungle

But I already
Thought about
The baffling 
Thought process

Still with questions
I can't answer
I never said
I was a know it all
I do
But the fact remains
It's not the truth

Can't relate
To the people
Who can't dance
With fancy shoes
They seem so sure
But it just seems
They just sit
Spinning their wheels

Have to go through
The bullshit
Sift through
The assholes
To get to
The truth

Sure it's a hard road
But worth every minute
At the end of the line

If I didn't have those
Special moments
I would be
Taking up space
Just like them

A place
I don't think I
want to be
They think
The grass is always
On the other side
Of somebody else's

But they haven't seen
My front porch
In the daylight

The magic moments
I wish I could
Insight from Crazy Larry
Who lost his family
In a tragedy
The only good thing is
He now qualifies
For Medicaid
With special attention

Just waiting to die
To live a happier life
The good times 
That they can't
Take away
Hanging on a thread
With what little
There is left

To salvage
From the scrap yard
Throw down
For a fight
Been beaten down
For the last time
No more shit
To be taken
Heard it all before
From here to

Give me another line
To write down 
When I win the academy award
I would like to thank
All the assholes
In my way
To carry on

To fight until
My last breath
I couldn't do it
Without them
Must have friction
To start a fire
To go down
In a blaze of glory

Boy God
Do I have a story
To tell you
When I get
To where I'm going
I know you
Already know
But it will be better
If I tell you in person

I'll be here
Writing a song
When you're ready to take me
But can you wait until
I write a worldwide hit
So I can live
The rest of my life 
In peace

Love you too
See you soon
Your favorite son
Who will rise to the top
To show the reason
I was put on Earth
Never to return

For the last time
They don't know what they got
Until I'm gone
They will wish
They could kiss
What they no longer have

Maybe they will listen
Next time
That will never happen
Never take for granted
The gift 
You have been given

From the Lord above
Time to go
To give back
To the living
Can't take
The material things
When you leave this world

Give it to somebody else
Who has nothing
Not even a pot
To piss in 
Or a without window
To throw it out of
I hope
One day
You see
The true meaning of life
Before you die
And go away forever
Never to return
Take it as a message
From God
Your maker and taker
When it is
Your time
He is the only one
Who decides

Good morning, good afternoon and goodnight. Remember, God told me to tell you this, have a great time in life, no matter the cost or price.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Goals for my Book

Dear Diary,

Merry Christmas Eve Eve. I know I won't have a white Christmas in the Florida Keys, never had and hopefully never will. What I heard on the news this morning though is that south Florida might have a wet Christmas. I am having a 99 cent Christmas Event on the Internet, selling my recently published short story "book" for, you guessed it, 99 Cents from Christmas Day starting at 12:25 a.m. until 12:31 p.m. New Year's Eve. Then the price rises to the normally set, whopping price of 2.99. It's FREE, if people subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and I still get a royalty of 35% if the reader reads at least 10% of my 15 page short story entitled "A Towering Experience" until the end of my exclusive contract with which ends somewhere around February 24th, 2015, in which,  I can opt-out of my binding agreement and sell the eBook anywhere I want on the Internet. My future holds the following goals:

1) I plan on writing more short stories (I have a short attention span, as I think some readers do also) The future stories will be based on initially leaving my hometown of Marathon moving in with my brother in San Francisco, playing drums in various bands in the Bay Area to interning for Bill Graham Presents and becoming a road manager, touring with a band in the United States and Canada for 6 months to working for FedEx and United Airlines to moving to Hollywood, California with one of the bands I played drums in to working at Tower Records on the Sunset Strip (See "A Towering Experience" for that story) to moving back to my hometown to start over again, working for a taxi company that went out of business to moving back to San Francisco and getting my CALIFORNIA Commercial license and almost becoming a long haul semi truck driver to moving in with a childhood friend in Miserable, I mean, Mesa, Arizona to moving back to Key West to becoming homeless again and starting from scratch, again to writing lyrics to a song called "Alcohol Call" under the band name I made up in a drunken stupor called, Fall Down Daddy, which the music was recorded by studio musicians found on the Internet and distributed on iTunes, Amazon and 750 other online retailers (Buyer Beware: I don't recommend buying it unless you like decent lyrics put to shitty country music, the only good thing about the song is, if you purchase the song 50% of the proceeds go to the charity Sweet Relief for struggling musicians if you consume the tune on ) to getting a job as a sign waver for Liberty Tax, dressing up in a Statue of Liberty costume to bring in customers off the streets of Key West and getting written up by a writer from the Key West Citizen (Side note: I just got a call from my boss from Liberty Tax yesterday and I will be doing it again in January of 2015, my 4th year in a row with the tax season job from January to April 15th. I will be stationed in front of the post office in Marathon) to moving in "temporary" with another childhood friend, sleeping on the floor of her dog grooming business, paying her 100 every two weeks with my unemployment check I receive for 204 dollars to writing my first short story, you should of heard about before"A Towering Experience" which, FINALLY,....brings me to my future plans of my book series called "Where Did My Life Go?"

2) Whew!....O.K. Let me catch my breath...O.K. Are you ready for my plan to take over the world by storm, one short story at a time....Drumroll, please.....I, Kevin Dale Sanders, pen name K.D. Sanders, plan to bind all of the above mentioned eBook only short stories into a actually REAL book entitled: "Where Did My Life Go?"  with BONUS stories that I forgot to mention in the eBook series, distribute it Worldwide to every book store outlet. NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE ANYWHERE! You will only be able to get it in brick and mortar BOOK STORES. Then I will begin a book signing world tour to meet and greet my fans personally.

3) Make interview appearances in makeup, concealing my physical facial appearance (I'm not here to become famous, I am doing this so other people can hear my story) to MAJOR T.V. Programs such as Oprah, Ellen De Generous, Entertainment Tonight, Late night talk shows and any other show that will have me. (A dream of mine is to get Larry King to come out of retirement and do a special edition of Larry King Live)

4) A portion of my book sale proceeds will go to a charity, housing homeless people in the Florida Keys. I will purchase a modest house in my hometown of Marathon. The headline in the local newspaper, Keynoter will read: "Homeless to Homeowner"

5) I will then live in paradise comfortably, happily ever after. End Of Story.

These are my hopes and dreams and I hope you realize if you don't reach for the sky, you will never touch the Moon until you pass it on your way to Heaven for your family reunion. Try while you are here on Earth. God's life gift to you is for you to learn and spread Love in the world you live in. No matter what obstacles you may face. He has given you strength to overcome with your Faith. Then when your work is done, God will call you home to Rest in Peace.  Heaven will always be there. It's what you do on Earth that makes a difference. That is what I plan to do or I will die trying. That is my belief and my story...See you when I see you. God Bless. Happy Birthday Jesus. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sent from my iPad

Friday, December 5, 2014

Review of my short story memoir, "A Towering Experience" only on #Amazon

I just received my first review on my first short story memoir, "A Towering Experience". Available Exclusively on It's FREE to check out if you're a #Kindle Unlimited subscriber. Only 2,99 otherwise. Or you can wait until it goes on sale for .99 cents on Christmas Day until New Year's Eve. Now get off Facebook and read a damn BOOK!����

Thank you Quentin Wallace

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Have you ever had a Towering Experience? I have and have a eBook to tell you all about it..

Well, now, the first "chapter" in my short story series, "Where Did My Life Go?" is now available exclusively on Amazon for 3 months. It is entitled, "A Towering Experience" which entails my encounters with celebrities along with some crazy trials and tribulations that happened to me me while working at Tower Records on Sunset Blvd. for 3 years before they went out of business. The story is short, maybe 20 pages, with more "chapters" coming soon. All for a WHOPPING 2.99! You can also borrow it within the Amazon Unlimited system. You can put it in your #AmazonCart on -------------------------------->>>>>this link------>
It would be greatly appreciated if you would leave my book an honest review on Amazon.Thank you! Just think of it as a early Christmas gift to me from you. You're soooooo (short) and sweet! Just like my wittle eBook.Awwwwww �� God bless and Merry Christmas. Follow me on Twitter @MemoirBook

The Video Trailer is AMAZING , if I do say so myself. It gave me goose bumps and I made the damn thing...with a little help from iMovie and my trusty side kick iPad!, of course.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

#Election results from Floriduh 2014

Election Results

I am a free man
Catch me if you can

The election results
Don't reflect me

I am still free
In the land
The United States

Yes mam'
I will do
As I please

You will not stop me
In the pursuit of happiness

Down a one way road
Is the only way
That I go

Can't solve a problem
With only
One vote 

Or sway
My decision
In a corrupt system

Greed and money
You chase
But I will live

Without a guilty conscience 
Resting on my grave

Four more years
Of problems
I cannot face

The results
Will not change

My point of view
Of living
In the country
Better known
As the greatest
Ever known

You can choose

All I know for sure
Is that
I am
100% American

Catch me if
You can

I continue to be
Until my dying day
Of what
You or anybody else says

Thank you Lord
For saving my grace
I don't need anyone
To tell me
If I won or not

As long as
I am
A winner in your eyes
The only one
That matters
In my life

My only hope
Is that
Freedom of speech
Will live on

Forever yours
Until we
Meet again

Thank you for
What has already
Been given to me

A gift from GOD

I will be appearing at the Holiday Inn on Tuesdays and Saturdays between 2P.M? Until who knows? Thank you, in advance for cumming and your loved ones for showing. I couldn't do it without them.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

First Draft Of The 1st Chapter Of My Memoir Book #Halloween Birthday Party

 When I was five and I heard the Kiss Alive! album (yeah, that's what they called them, back then, before your time) for the first time. I had thoughts of becoming a rock star. I first heard that album on a honeymoon with my mother who just got married to my newly found step father and they went to Georgia to visit an old friend. One of the adopted sons of the friend played me the record and I fell in love with the music and the pictures. I was fascinated! I was a Kiss fan instantly. Eventually, I would have my Mom buy me 8-track tapes of the band. Not knowing the albums I had, I would pick the tapes by the cover that I didn't have. I used put on "shows" for the neighborhood kids. Lip syncing the words and playing air drums. The older kids would get off the bus after school and give me a Dixie cup of water with red food coloring. I would put it in my mouth and spit "blood" like Gene Simmons. I never saw KISS live at that point, I only saw pictures which I got from a dumpster of a magazine distribution company that we lived across the street from on 107th. They were out of date issues that didn't sell, they would cut them in half and throw them in the garbage. I would dumpster "dive" and get the old magazines that had pictures of Kiss and plaster my bedroom window with pictures.

I didn't know I could actually play drums until one day when I was 12, waiting for my parents to take me home from the American Legion. They would have a few drinks there after work as I sipped on a Shirley Temple and ate some chips. I would go outside to "play" and smoke cigarettes. One day, I found  a 5 gallon bucket in the back of the Legion and while listening to my cassette Walkman, found some tree limbs and started to play along to the music I was listening to. Which my first memory was Journeys', Departure album. Homemade Love was my favorite song at the time. Then I went on to Iron Maiden and Ozzy. I didn't know I had a gift of playing drums without a lesson, until then. That sparked my dream of becoming a rock 'n roll drummer.

I barely graduated Marathon High School. While I was there, I actually became a cadet/ explorer for the local Sheriff's Department in my senior year. Riding with actual deputies and doing dispatching duties. I became Sergeant and passed the dispatch police code test with a 100%. I was riding with a officer one day, actually, the officer that was running and in charge of the cadet program. We went to a call at a local bar that a man inside had a gun. She handed me the shotgun and told me to wait in the car and to point the gun at the door of the bar as she went into the bar. I was thinking,"What if the guy comes out with a gun with her hostage, what in the hell am I going to do?" Shoot him between the eyes? That scared the shit out of me and I chose another career path, not to mention after that, I had gotten arrested for covering up a friend.  

My friend and I met a couple of girls in town from Ft. Lauderdale, we invited them to a party at my friends' house and they showed up. We played "quarters" with shots of Vodka. I lost or won, depending on how you want to look at it. I got totally fucked up!! I was so fucked up, I couldn't  even walk or talk, let alone drive. So my friend took my car to take the girls home which was just down Sombrero road, maybe a mile away. I woke up the next morning with a hellacious hangover. I went outside to get something from my car and it is nowhere to be found. I come back into the apartment and ask,"Where in the hell is my car?" My friend told me to calm down and to have a seat. He explained that he and my other friend drove the girls home and AFTER he dropped them off at their house, he went around the corner and hit a telephone pole. Nobody was hurt but the car was stuck on the stump of the pole he just took down. The car was running and they couldn't shut it off or get it off the stump. So they ran home. He was scared and said his parents would kill him if they found out the truth of what really happened. So he asked me to report that my car was stolen. Hungover and reluctantly, I called the cops and told them my car had just been stolen. Stolen cars are a very rare occasion that happens in the Keys. The cops knew something wasn't right. They questioned me about the incident and I signed a sworn police report. The Florida Highway Patrol questioned me a couple of days later, to make sure I was telling the truth and told me lying on a police report was an arrest-able offense. I stuck to my guns and story to protect my friend until the cops told me I would be responsible for the 1500 dollar telephone pole. Then I changed my tune. I was working at a hotel at the time and couldn't stand the guilt of lying, let alone paying for a telephone pole bill that I had nothing to do with. I called the Sheriff's Department and told them I lied on the police report. I tried to cover up a friend so he wouldn't get in trouble. The current Sheriff, who was a deputy at the time, came to the hotel and arrested me and put me in the holding cell. I told them to go get my "friend", he works at such and such. 10 minutes later he was in the holding cell with me. Some of the cops at the station said, "They're going to fight, don't put them together!" One said, "Let them". We never did. I had a hard enough of a time dealing with my step dad, when he came to pick me up at the police station. I caught hell for that!! My step father was friends with a local attorney and had my arrest record expunged.

After high school, I didn't know what I wanted to do except become a rock star drummer. I was in awe of the rock star lifestyle of bands like Motley Crüe and Guns n' Roses. I played drums with some friends at local open mic jams. I moved out of the trailer that I grew up in and rented a place with a couple of friends on 107th Street in Marathon, across the street from the duplex I used to live in with my parents when I was just 10 years old. It was a rock n roll party house. I had a shitty 3 piece drum kit. My friends and I formed a band called, Keys Disease. We actually recorded a 2 song demo that went nowhere. We were young and dumb, dreamers. We were wanna be rock stars between the ages of 16 and 18. I think I was the oldest, come to think of it. 

I was working at a pizza restaurant and met a hot looking girl who just started working there. I fell madly in love at first sight just by looking into her beautiful blue eyes! It just so happened she had an apartment with her Mom right next door to our apartment. I had a 79 Camaro Berlinetta at the time and would offer her a ride after work. We soon got to know each other better and formed a friendship. I think she liked me but not like I liked her. We would play cards at her place and she would come over to our drunken, debauchery parties. Everybody was trying to impress her because she was so beautiful! One night after work at the pizza joint, the manager locked the doors and I backed my car up to the backdoor. I had a pretty kick ass stereo that had detachable speakers. I directed the speakers into the restaurant and put a cassette tape in and we jammed out inside the restaurant. We were drinking and dancing on tables after hours. It was fun, and nobody got caught or hurt!

In 1989, one of our guitar players graduated High school and he wanted to move up to Ft. Lauderdale to play in a band because there were more opportunities as opposed to the cover band world of the Florida Keys. Which was true. I wanted to make the trek all the way to the Sunset Strip just like so many of my idols did. But because of money and commitment of the other members, we settled on Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Both the guitar player and I worked for the pizza restaurant chain and thought that it would be easier to transfer up to Ft. Liquordale, than find another job. We would already have jobs by the time we got there. The next step was to find a place to rent and live in. We found a apartment complex that offered a 2 bedroom apartment where the first month rent was free. We jumped on that opportunity. I had a drum set and he had a guitar and amp. The bass player was going to move to Ft. Lauderdale a couple weeks later. So we worked at the pizza place and partied at night. The cool thing about the pizza place was that it had draught beer on tap! I would always come home with at least a 32 oz plastic cup filled to the top with beer. So we worked, we partied, we dreamed and talked about how we were going to make it as big rock stars. What we didn't do is, practice, write songs, record a demo, play gigs. You know, things bands have to do in order to make it! In fact, we didn't even pay rent and after 3 months, we were subsequently evicted!

           I was distraught without direction. We were starving and had nothing to show for the struggle. I remember dividing up French fries from McDonald's and we never even played a note together during that 3 month plus period. I had a decision to make, either go back to the Keys with my tail between my legs or call my brother for some words of wisdom. Defiant from defeat, I called my brother who lived in San Francisco and explained my situation. One of the many things I love about my brother is that he has always supported me in what ever crazy dream I had. He has always said that he just wants me to be happy. Luckily enough for me, my brother offered to buy me a plane ticket to San Francisco and stay with him until I could get back on my feet. I was on the next plane to the Golden State.

I hadn't spent much time with my brother up until that point. When I was a teenager in high school, he was already attending college at the University of Miami to become a doctor. I would sometimes see him on holidays like, Christmas or Thanksgiving when he came to visit my Mom and I in the Keys along with my step father. After graduating UM, he continued medical school at Stanford University and became an oncologist. Ironically, our mother passed away from pancreatic cancer in 1985 when I was fifteen. When I graduated High school, my brother flew me out to San Francisco for my graduation present which was a 7 day camping trip to various National parks. We drove my brothers' car sharing driving duties and saw most of the National parks on the West Coast including Yellowstone, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. One night at dinner, my brother said he had something to tell me. I didn't know what to expect. But the seriousness of his tone and demeanor gave me a lump in my throat. After, what seemed like an hour, he said, "I'm gay." I was speechless. I didn't know what to say. I didn't care if he was gay. I just said, "O.K."  Later in my sheltered, narrow minded upbringing, I began to conjure up thoughts of what if. I didn't know much about what being gay was or gay people in general. I knew that it meant he liked guys as opposed to girls but other than that I had no clue. Then I started thinking that, my own brother, with whom I am sharing and sleeping in the same room with, might come and molest me in the middle of the night!  I guess the only reason I would think that is because that happened to me when I was about 6 years old, not by my brother but, by one of my step fathers' friends in a hotel room. I will spare you the details.

So I get off the plane and I am happy to see and am greeted by my brother. He drives us to his house which is a beautiful 2 story Victorian. We go in and I meet my brothers' live in lover. He seems nice and cordial. My brother shows me my own bedroom. I was jet lagged and went to bed, before I fell asleep, I conjured up the crazy, what if again. What if my brothers' lover comes in my room in the middle of the night. I didn't know him from Adam. As time passed and I lived with them the feeling subsided and I felt comfortable again. I was in a pretty big city, something I had never experienced before except for driving to and through Miami to go see a concert. I learned the public transit system. San Francisco has one of the greatest public transportation systems in the world. I learned where MUNI and BART went along with the surface busses.

My job was to look for a job. I signed up with a temporary employment agency. They help you find work even if it's only temporary. I got an assignment from the agency with a law firm. I would be a in-house walking messenger for the firm. It was an indefinite job without a end date. After 3 months, the law firm would have to hire me or let me go, fortunately the law firm hired me with benefits. My next step was to find an apartment. I found a studio just 3 blocks from my new job that I could afford. It was uphill going home and downhill going to work. It was located at Bush and Powell Streets. It was a 5 story building complex. My studio was on the bottom floor with a view of where everybody threw their garbage down the chute. It was like a dungeon. But I had my own apartment. I loved my new job and the fact that I didn't have to cut my hair, I just had to wear it in a ponytail. It wasn't that long, maybe down to my shoulders. I had to wear a tie and dress clothes but that didn't bother me. I was working for the 5th largest law firm in the United States. They represented big companies like Chevron and Disney. The job was easy. The company had 3 buildings within a block of each other with multiple floors in each. My job was to take an envelope and deliver it to someone else in the firm who was at a different location or in a different building. Sometimes there were boxes. They would give me a free bus pass every month that would get me anywhere in San Francisco. I would sometimes get on the bus and deliver a package. One day while working, I got on the bus to deliver a package. A hyped up, R U smoking crack, black guy on the bus asked me what instrument I played. Taken aback, I said the drums. He said really!? My band is looking for a drummer. Do you play with anyone? I said, "No" He said, why don't you come down to my bands' rehearsal place and jam with us. He gave me his phone number and told me to call him. I hesitated. I was nervous about my abilities. I didn't make the call. I was wondering if I should. Then one day I see the same hyped up-smoking crack, black dude, "Hey, man, why haven't you called me, man, we really need a drummer!!" I told him, "Oh man, I forgot to tell you, I don't have a drum set!" He says, "That's cool, man. We got one at the studio." I continued the excuses,"I didn't call you cause I lost your number." Tim continues,"That's cool. Hey we're getting ready to practice. The studio is only a couple blocks away. Come on let's jam!" So feeling pressured to play, I followed him to his studio where I met the rest of the band and various people who just lived there. It looked like a 60's heyday hippie party with a drum kit with cymbals, already set up! We jammed and they liked me. But I wasn't sure if I liked them or their musical taste. They were big on the jamming bands like the Grateful Dead and techno savvy studio musician bands like Steely Dan. I WAS INTO MOTHERFUCKIN GUNS N' ROSES and Motley Crüe too. We had some common musical taste (that you didn't want to spit out) like they 
Iiked Led Zeppelin and think ..?makes sense....not much of a stretch ...the....BLACK CROWES!!

Tim, the crazy ass black man on crack (I was talkin' to yous about, yeah, yous!) seemed to be the leader of the band and apparently used to work in L.A. and had all these connections if he could just find the right band, he could get us a label deal AND opening up for GUNS N' MOTHERFUCKIN' ROSES!!! .....Yous guessed really...the black crowes. REALLY FOR REALLY!!!! I don't know what possessed me to talk in an Italian accent...YOUS made MES do it!! O.K. Enough with the shenanigans ...I have to focus on the project at hand.

            Tim was very animated like a cartoon character like a black Sunday preacher. He said he could get us a  record deal if we had a great recording and he had all these connections. So we went into the studio and recorded 8 songs. It was the  first time I've ever been into a "real" recording studio. After the recording was done, everybody said I sounded like a drum machine which I didn't know to take that as a compliment or backhanded slap. I thought the recording sounded like a drum machine because they killed the natural drum sound of my drums. The bands' name was Wind Gypsy. There were two brothers, Dave and Don Allen, lead singer and guitar player and a bass player named George. Tim played a synthesizer guitar. I was with the band for about a year and during that time I think we played one college party gig. We had a demo but we didn't promote it, shop it or any of that. Turns out Tim had a cocaine problem and in the end, the band just disappeared. The band morphed into another band called Balzamoth, we were trying to find a name that nobody else had, so we just came up with these crazy names and decided to go with Balzamoth which I think was actually my suggestion, moth balls, balls of moth. Balzamoth was the original members of Wind Gypsy minus Timothy. We recorded a 4 song demo at our rehearsal space with some guy who had mobile recording equipment. We never shopped the demo, we played one gig at some North Beach club in San Francisco where on the first song I broke the snare drum head and had to borrow the headlining bands' snare drum to continue the show. We practiced a lot and jammed but we never played any gigs. The loft where the band lived and practiced was pretty cool, they had a refrigerator with a tap on the outside of it and they used to get kegs of beer and put it in the refrigerator and pour from the tap that was outside of the refrigerator. There was one dude that lived there but wasn't in the band. He was a hippie looking dude, pot dealer. I didn't live at the loft, I still had my studio apartment on Nob Hill. One day I was going to the rehearsal place and as I was walking down eighth street, I noticed a walkie-talkie in the passenger seat of a  parked car which I thought was odd. The loft was on the second floor and someone had to throw the keys down to you for you to unlock the door from the bottom. When I opened up the door, five guys with guns drawn and badges surrounded me and escorted me upstairs. The guys with guns ordered everybody on the floor facedown. I didn't know if we were being robbed or what was going on! We sure as hell didn't have any money, we were a struggling band eating Ramen noodles. The men sat us up and declared they were the FBI. They took photos of everybody and told us that we were under suspicion of being a warehouse for manufacturing L.S.D. All we did was smoke weed and drink beer and I didn't even smoke weed at the time, I just drank legal beer. Apparently the FBI had been scoping us out across the street and found enough evidence for the search warrant. But all they found was marijuana.

The band ended up fizzling out. I continued to work for the law firm as a messenger. I met another black dude on the street. We started talking and I found out he was a guitar player in a reggae band called Don Jeron and the Boogiemon and they were looking for a drummer. I agreed to go check it out. I wasn't sure of my ability to play reggae but I gave it a shot. They already had a 4 song demo recorded that they gave me to learn some of the songs. They had a gig coming up soon opening up for Judy Mowatt who was one of the 3 female singers in Bob Marleys' group. The gig was in 2 weeks so I had to learn the songs quickly. On the night of the gig which was at the I-Beam in San Francisco on Haight Street, I was nervous and wondered if I could pull it off. I was the only white boy in the band and I think the only one at the venue. I stood out like a light bulb. The gig went well without a hitch. Actually, one of the founding members screwed up in one of the songs but it wasn't a train wreck, a minor hiccup. I think I was paid 50 bucks and never heard from the band again.

I had been working at the law firm for over a year and a half. I attended numerous office holiday parties. The parties were ritzy with top of the line food and drink. I met a secretary while working there and we became fast friends. She was a model from New York. Her "stage" name was Liz Austin. I was attracted to her and apparently, she was attracted to me. She invited me over to her place for dinner one night. After dinner we watched some T.V., I got to second base and while reaching for third, she stopped me and said she was starting to have feelings for me which didn't make sense to me but I respected her decision to stop and I went home. The next weekend she invited me over to her place again. I knocked on the door, she answered and by the time I got through the doorway, she practically had me naked. We took a shower together and made love the rest of the evening. I spent the night and in the morning she cooked breakfast. I couldn't believe that this beautiful woman was attracted to me. She told me a story about how the former lead guitar player for the band Heart, Roger Fisher, was in love with her and wanted to go out with her so badly but nothing ever happened. We weren't  boyfriend and girlfriend, we were pretty much, fuck buddies, friends with benefits. We didn't hang out with each other everyday. Whenever she felt the need to have sex or I was horny, we would call one another and set up a time to meet up. I loved that arrangement.

I had a co worker who was also a messenger, who became one of my closest friends, who happened to be black. He was a real skinny black dude named Ed, who was gay. He wasn't the flamboyant type. He was very laid back. I nicknamed him Turtle because he walked so slow. He liked me but he never tried to hit on me, he just wanted a friend and a hug every now and then. We would go to lunch together everyday and he would buy my lunch, EVERYDAY!! I was worried that one day, I would have to pay him back in a sexual favor or something but he never pressured me into doing something I didn't want to do. All he really wanted was a hug just about everyday which was a small price to pay. I felt guilty for him to pay for lunch everyday but it was an insult to Ed if I didn't let him pay. Ed had a roommate/lover that he lived with in Oakland. He swore up and down that they didn't have a sexual relationship which I took his word for it but really it didn't matter to me, regardless. His "roommate" used to be a DJ for a radio station. The first time I went over to Ed's apartment and met his "roommate" I knew his roommate was gay when he asked me if, "I was in the mood for a blowjob!" I respectfully declined.

One morning at the law firm, everybody in the messenger and mailroom department received a memo to attend a mandatory meeting at 4 P.M. in the afternoon that same day. There had been rumors that our jobs were on the line and at 4 o'clock that afternoon the rumors became true. The law firm had eliminated our in house jobs and hired an outside company to occupy our positions to cut cost. They gave all the messengers an application for the new company and a severance package. There had been messengers there for over 20 years and in one day their livelihood suddenly came to an end! Some of my co workers were crying, not knowing what the future would hold. Let go, through no fault of their own. Just a multi-million dollar company trying to save a buck at the expense of workers who were loyal for years then let go into the unknown. I collected unemployment but it wasn't enough to pay the rent. Actually, it was just enough to pay rent but that was it. So subsequently, I was served with eviction papers but not without a fight. I went to the local legal aid office and explained my eviction situation. They told me what steps to take, guiding me every step along the way. I ended up staying in my studio apartment for over 3 months, rent free. In fact, the landlord practically had to pay me to vacate. Due to a stipulation of a rodent infestation I had dealt with living so close to the garbage drop. Wondering what my next move was, I watched an infomercial at 2 o'clock in the morning about how to buy real estate with no money down taught by Carleton Sheets. I purchased the cassette course for 149 bucks and listened intently! I was obsessed and determined to become a real estate investor! I had nothing to lose and everything to gain!

              San Francisco real estate was too expensive to make money. So I researched various United States markets that would have cheap property with the best return on investment. My conclusion was Orlando, Florida, a HOT market in 1991/92. At least from my research. I found a friend who I met in the Florida Keys, actually it was the girl that I worked with at the pizza place, the one who used to lived next door to the band in Marathon. I told her what I wanted to do and she said I could stay with her. At this time, she was married, trying to get a divorce with 2 kids, a little girl 2 years old and a 6 month old baby boy and a boyfriend. I was determined to be a real estate investor, even though, I didn't have a pot to piss or a window to throw it out of. I still had long hair and I didn't want to cut it, so I bought a short hair wig, so I looked professional. I bought 3 piece suits at the local Goodwill for 3 bucks to look sharp. I stayed with my friend for about a month, I was collecting unemployment, but I couldn't take the boyfriend drama, the kids or one of her friends offering me 20 dollars to give me head, so I had to find another place.
I found another place with a single divorcee, living with her brother and her 3 year old daughter. I don't hate kids but they get on my nerves, at least the rambunctious ones that I can't control that aren't my own. I was trying to focus on buying real estate without a penny in the bank. I didn't have a car, so it looked suspicious or the very least, unprofessional. I found another money making opportunity from a late night infomercial that seemed easier than buying and renting real estate. It involved buying notes. If somebody won the lottery and took payments instead of one lump sum, I could be the in between person to find them an investor to buy their payments and give them all the cash they would receive eventually with about a 50% discount. Long story short, it never worked out.

I was already in Florida, defeated from the real estate market and other get rich schemes, I decided to go back to the place I was raised and go back to the proverbial drawing board, to figure out my next move. I called my step father who was still living in Grassy Key in the trailer I was raised in. He agreed I could stay there and figure out what I wanted to do. I got a job as a taxi driver with Island Taxi. The Brass Monkey, a local popular bar, has a yearly event called Christmas in July that I attended and I met this most beautiful, gorgeous girl.
          I am usually shy and not one to go up to a girl and ask her what her sign is or whatever pick up line. But this girl looked like a hippie from the 70's and I just had to talk to her. I somehow started talking to her, I can't remember how it came about, but we were conversing. I found out she was a guitar player and of course, I told her I was a drummer. We hit it off. We had the same points of view of the world and similar musical taste. She invited me over to her place to jam. She had a drum set and conveniently lived in Grassy Key. I would find out later, she had a boyfriend too. I was broken-hearted but still had a connection with playing music together. She was just learning the guitar.
We jammed. We had a intellectual connection. We would talk about our dreams. We both loved music. One day we came up with the idea of going to the Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale to learn about the Music and Video Business. She enrolled at the Denver Art Institute and I went to the one in Ft. Lauderdale.

I moved to Ft. Lauderdale, driving from the Keys in a 1965 Dodge Van, I bought at a Monroe County Public Works auction for 50 bucks. I qualified for loans and grants to go to the school and I stayed in a converted Days Inn, which were the dorms for the school. While attending school, I got a job at Peaches Records and Tapes on Sunrise Blvd (ironically, I would later work at Tower records on Sunset Blvd) and joined a band called Colors Of Illusion.

It was a eclectic alternative band fronted by a Latin female operatic singer. There was a bass player, guitar player, keyboard player and myself on drums. The band had a rehearsal studio that was converted from an old walk in cooler. I juggled playing in the band, going to school and working at the record store. The band recorded a 4 song demo and played gigs at various venues around Ft. Lauderdale. I had bought a potable Walkman cassette recorder to record our live shows. On one of the recordings after a song we just performed you can hear somebody say to somebody else, "That was weird." The band was weird. The lead singer was very skinny with long jet black hair and would wear costumes like the Cat In The Hat and prance around on stage, the guitar player looked like a skin head, the bass player looked like the hippie teacher on Beavis and Butthead, the keyboard player looked like a computer geek that wore a tie and I guess, I looked like a long blonde haired surfer/rocker dude. Our sound was hard to pinpoint, it was heavy drums, grungy guitar with opera like female vocals. 

While attending the Art Institute, one of our assignments was to work in a real world music related  business. I worked as an intern at Long Distance Entertainment, a company who managed and booked local artist. One of the managers working there was managing a then unknown band called Marilyn Manson, his name was John Tovar. He saw my band play at a popular club called the Squeeze and came up to me and asked why I never mentioned my band to him. I just said, "I don't know" I was scared to mention the fact that I played in a band. I believed in the band but I just thought we weren't ready. We had another assignment at school to interview somebody who was working in the music business. At the time, Hootie and the Blowfish were becoming popular and the manager of the band was a guest speaker at the school. The band was playing the Button South later that night. I talked to the manager after his speech and asked if I could interview the band at the venue. He told me to give him my name and "when you get the venue ask for the road manager and tell them your name". He told me to be there at least an hour before showtime. So my assignment partner, whose parents used to write for some 80's sitcom, showed up an hour early, I talked to the road manager and he said the guitar player, Mark Bryan, was available and for us to wait in the back by the door and he would send him outside. I brought my tape recorder and recorded the interview. I had the questions written down from the assignment. The questions were like "What was one of the most important things you did, that helped you to achieve success?" I have since lost that recording, but Mark was cool and helpful in answering the questions.

                Later on, I researched, which I should of done sooner, and found out that the General education required courses like Math and English in order to get a degree were non transferable credits and I wasn't happy with the progress I was having and the exuberant cost of the dorms and education I felt was over my head so I quit the school. I wanted to stop the bleeding before it cost me too much and I didn't get anything out of my time or money. Today, I am in debt to the Federal Government for defaulted students loans to the tune of over 10,000 dollars with no degree or education to show for it!

After I quit school, I didn't have a place to stay. I slept in my van behind our rehearsal space for 2 nights until one of the neighbors complained that I was sleeping in my van. The guitar player had an apartment with his girlfriend in front of the studio and they let me stay with them for about a week. The band was in turmoil and not getting further in its' "career" and they were dissatisfied with my drumming and they fired me.

I still had my job at the record store but was without a place to stay, again! So I found an empty parking lot and parked there and slept. I got in touch with a friend who was the lead singer in the first band I was ever in, Keys Disease. He had been playing in a band in the New England area called Point Blank. He told me he had some success with radio airplay in the Boston area. But the band called it quits and he moved back to Florida. He had a place in Wilton Manors. I told him my situation and he invited me to stay with him in a trailer he had just bought in a trailer park. So I took him up on his generous offer. We reminisced about the good old days, even though we were only 23, 24 years old and we talked about band stuff and partied. And partied, a lot!!! My old friend and new roommate had a thing for strip clubs. I loved them too! We would go to one every time we had time off from work. My friend and I would drink and drink!! He liked Jack Daniels and claimed he couldn't get drunk off beer anymore. He had to drink hard liquor to get a buzz and eventually, violently drunk. My place to sleep on the couch in the front of the trailer turned into a nightmare!! Sometimes, I had to be at work at 8 A.M. and my friend would drink all night into the wee hours of the morning. He would have metal blaring at 5 o'clock in the morning and he'd punch walls and put holes in them. He didn't give shit if I had to be at work at 8 in the morning and I had nowhere else to go. When I got home from a sleep deprived day, he would always apologize for acting the way he did. I was no angel, I loved to party just like he did. I am more a happy go lucky drunk with a lot less violence. I picked up a couple strippers at different strip clubs and brought them back to the trailer. It was hard (No Pun Intended) to have sex with them without an audience as my "room" was the couch and next to the front door. One of the strippers apparently wasn't worried about an audience when she was giving me head on the front porch in the trailer park in broad daylight.

My friend/roommate used to party hard all the time. We went to a local bar to have a few beers. They had a jukebox there and we both loved rock n roll, my friend liked harder stuff. He played Rage Against The Machine and while putting more quarters in the jukebox, this older gentleman came up and told him not to play that "noise" on the jukebox. My friend cocked his fist back and clocked this guy, knocking him out. The bartender told us to get the fuck out and we took off.. About an hour later, we drove by the bar and there was an ambulance with it's lights on in front of the bar. We proceeded to go to a lesbian bar, for some unknown reason, other than, it was conveniently close to where we were and of course, there had to be chicks there. We ordered drinks with some bizarre looks. I was eyeing a hot chick who was at the bar when I almost got my ass kicked by her "butch" girlfriend. We took off to an all black strip club. My friend was into black chicks, I personally like white meat. We stuck out like 2 sore thumbs with the " brothas" probably wondering, "What in the hell are these crazy crackers doing here!?" We escaped without incident.

I would usually make it to work at the record store. It was about a half mile away from the trailer and I would usually walk. I worked there for over a year and became the Head Cashier which meant they trusted me with greater responsibilities. One of the few memories I had working there was hearing the Black Crowes Amorica album, playing over and over. There was a Irish bloke who was my co worker who ALWAYS played that album constantly over and over in the store. I was scheduled to work on Saint Patrick's Day but my roommate had the day off and he wanted to go to a local Irish pub around the corner of the trailer park. He urged me to come along and I called in sick to work to celebrate the holiday. We went to the pub about 10 A.M. and started, uh, drinking. That's what you do on St. Patty's Day at an Irish pub. We were all day into the night marathon drinkers. We noticed this hot chick pull up to the bar by herself. We were both single and always looking for chicks. It was odd that a chick this good looking would be by herself during the day in a dumpy little bar. We started talking to her and bought her shots. She sat in between us. At one point she started making out with my friend. I thought, well I guess we know who's getting lucky tonight! Then a few minutes later, she turns to me and starts kissing me. Maybe we BOTH will get lucky on St. Patty's Day! She kept going to the bathroom, a lot! We didn't know if she had a bladder problem or what? On one trip to the little girls room, she didn't come out for what seemed like a half an hour. We told the bartender that we were concerned. The bartender allowed my friend to see what was up. My friend saw her sitting on the toilet slouched over with a line of coke on the back of the toilet. She wasn't dead, she had just passed out for a minute. My friend got her out of the bathroom. We told the bartender that we would make sure that she got home O.K. We ended up bringing her back to our trailer. She wasn't totally incoherent. She could talk and barely walk. But at least she wasn't driving or roaming the streets. We talked and found out that she was one of the chicks in Robert Palmers' Addicted To Love video!! At first glance, you wouldn't even think of it, she was HOT but you didn't see the connection until she actually mentioned it! I don't know if my friend had sex with her but I know I performed oral sex on her. My friend was in love and obsessed with this chick. He wanted to find out where she lived and all this love stuff and I was like,"Just drop it, man!" We had our fun, now it's time to move on. Neither of us ever saw her again.

There were many blurry party days but I couldn't take the violence my roommate would bring, punching walls in the middle of the night and cranking the music while I was trying to sleep to make it to work the next day. I wanted to party but I also had to make money to have a party. One night my friend was driving us home after partying at some strip club. We were both smashed!! We made it all the way to the trailer park. All he had to do was take a left turn into the park and we would be home safely. He turned into the park with his pickup truck in the path of a on coming motorcycle. The motorcycle crashed into the side of the pickup. Breaking the glass of the passenger side door. The motorcyclist had a female passenger on the back of the bike. The motorcyclist suffered 2 broken legs and the female broke her arm. Thank God nobody was killed!!! I sat on the edge of the road in a daze. I had a couple of cuts on my head, watching the police and ambulance show up. My friend was unscathed. My friend had previous D.U.I.'s, but escaped that night without one! 

I knew I had to pretty much escape this situation. Once again, I called my brother in a plea for help. I explained what had happened to me and my brother agreed to let me stay with him in San Francisco, again. So I put in my 2 weeks notice, planned my escape and then took a Greyhound from Ft. Lauderdale and headed 3,000 miles back to the Bay Area. My brother and lover had bought a new house at 192 Carnelian Way in San Francisco. At this point the "band" thing wasn't working. But I still wanted to be involved in music, somehow. I loved music and traveling. There was a big time local promoter in the Bay Area, Bill Graham Presents who I tried to get a position with before but all I received was a letter of rejection explaining how they were a small company with very little turnover. Plus the fact that I didn't have any experience didn't help my pursuit of securing a job in the music industry. Bill Graham Presents was THE promoter in the Bay Area and I wanted to be with the best and thought, why settle for less? In the meantime, I got a job at Tower records on Market street in San Francisco to make ends meet. I then inquired about taking a course at San Francisco State University on the music business. It was a 2 day a week class that was on concert promotion. I met a female classmate who actually worked for Bill Graham Presents and I explained that I had been trying to get a job at BGP for years! She told me that Bill Graham Presents had an internship program and that they were looking for new recruits and to give her a copy of my resume and she would pass it on to the powers that be. About a week later, I received a call from Rebecca Nichols who was in charge of  running the internship program. She told me to show up at a certain time at the BGP offices for internship "tryouts". I showed up and Rebecca explained the internship program and handed out copies of Bill Grahams' book for all of us to read and told us about future shows that needed our help. BGP would have interns work various up coming shows. The position was unpaid but the experience gained was PRICELESS!!! We also were assigned various departments within the offices of BGP to work. We had to work a certain amount of hours to receive credit. I was selected to work the band management department.

Bill Graham Presents was primarily a concert promoter for big name bands playing the Bay Area. But they also had a artist management division that managed big named artist like Eddie Money, Joe Satriani, Gin Blossoms, Train, the Neville Brothers and a few others. My intern position consisted of answering phones, making copies and signing autographs. Yes, it's not a typo, signing autographs. The Bill Graham offices would receive fan mail for Eddie Money and for some strange reason, the powers that be, had me answer the fan mail with a signed 8 x 10 picture of Eddie Money signed by, ME!! I know, it's hard to believe but I can't make this shit up. I would sign the picture and send it back to the fans. 

I worked at BGP working various show, the first one being, Laguna Seca Daze in 1996, which was a 2 day outdoor concert at the Laguna Seca Raceway that featured Ratdog, Train, G. Love and Special Sauce, among others.

I worked a couple more shows at the Shoreline Amphitheater for Mardi Gras. I had a lot of fun and was learning along the way. The next big event was the Tibetan Freedom Concert that was going to be at Golden Gate Park in June.

At this point, I had been working for Bill Graham Management for about 2 months and one of the managers who managed Joe Satriani seemed to take a liking to me, he also was the former road manager for Peter Frampton, back in the day. His name was Mick Brigden. He had a young, unknown alternative Canadian band he contracted to manage and they were signed to Virgin Records. Their name was Pluto and they had been touring to promote their major label debut self-titled album. Mick asked me one day if I wanted to go on the road, I said,"Hell yeah!" He said he wanted me to road manage his band, Pluto. He knew I didn't have previous experience but had faith in me through the work I had already done at BGP. I was honored and vowed to do the best job I could. He gave me the itinerary of the bands' tour and told me to start booking hotel rooms under 50 dollars a night. He said the band needed to focus more on performing shows and less on the business side.

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